The missionary father Candido Maffeis (that young boy who, in the course of the 2nd apparition, had Adelaide ask Our Lady whether he would become a priest) said during an interview:
"These last forty years, instead of exhausting the people's faith in Our Lady as appeared at Ghiaie, have shown a thread, let's call it underground or celestial if you want, that has kept alive the confidence that Mary will get things straight herself, because men have blundered and confounded people, ideas, messages and personal passions, both ideological and scientific, using a too human and sectarian standard, and have stifled and blurred the luminous historic event of Ghiaie…".

Invitation to prayer:

Admission to the place of the apparitions at Torchio di Ghiaie di Bonate is free. Everyone may go and pray whenever one likes, by day or night.

The flow of pilgrims is incessant above all on Saturdays and Sundays, every 13th of the month and during the anniversaries of the apparitions.

Help us with your prayers so that Our Lady of the Ghiaie, Queen of the Family, may triumph at last.


Today father Candido's words are more relevant than ever.
It is true, the flame has not died out, it is stronger than before instead, and the "beautiful and majestic Lady" weaves her cloth and attracts people to Ghiaie di Bonate.

You just need to go to the chapel of apparitions of 1944, both by day and night, to see the incessant stream of worshippers and pilgrims, among whom many young people looking for comfort.

It is no use expressing judgements. Our lady's words addressed to Adelaide in the last apparition will suffice: "Endure everything patiently and then you will reach me in Paradise. Those who make you suffer intentionally will not come to Heaven if they do not make amends for their wrongs and do not repent deeply."

Let's keep good watch in the wait, because one day, unexpectedly, the "beautiful and majestic Lady" will intervene and … Her Immaculate Heart will triumph at last.